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Jeremy Kyle

Hello, and welcome to my website, I’m a hypnotherapy adviser on the Jeremy Kyle Show.. My name is Annette Brown. I’m a Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP , EMDR and EFT practitioner.

I have provided expert hypnotherapy advise on the Jeremy Kyle show. I’m delighted to say that the outcome was very successful.

The show provides help and support for those in need of help. The Show is a British tabloid talk show presented by Jeremy Kyle.

The show has been broadcast on ITV since 4 July 2005. The show is produced by ITV Studios and is broadcast each weekday at 09:25.

I offer Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy. My Stop Smoking a science based stop smoking program to help you stop once and for all. If you’ve tried to stop smoking previously and failed, know that it’s not your fault it’s all down to the nicotine artificially raising the dopamine with your brain.

So it’s basically altered brain chemistry that is the root of the problem. Any stop smoking treatment that fails to normalise brain chemistry has little chance of success. So, the best way to stop smoking is to correct brain chemistry.

Please call Annette Brown at Hypnotherapy-Lancashire on 01253 969695 to book your free 30 Stop Smoking minute consultation in Lytham, Fylde Coast and Lancashire.

Jeremy Kyle
“What the show does is to give you perspective on your own life. I often tell myself that I must never complain again about not getting enough kip, or something minor going wrong. Many of the people I meet face terror and tragedy in their lives – and they keep going. I really admire them”

– Jeremy loves his job as host of the Show